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About Us

Welcome to Magnolia Hills!  

We have Mini and Toy and Australian Shepherds that are family raised.

~Come meet the gang~

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I'm Crystal and this is my husband, Matt. 


We run a family farm located in rural Holden, Missouri and we invite you to learn a little more about our

family & farm life.

Matt and I both grew up on livestock farms and we are proud to come from multiple generations of ag producers.  Along with my dad, Lyle, we primarily raise cow/ calf pairs with a few select show calves.  It’s in our blood, it’s what we do, it’s who we are.  Not only are we running a working farm, we are raising three wonderful kids and they have grown to have their own passion for animals; Lyle “Roper," Dally and Jewell.   Each of them have been encouraged to pursue their own interests and that is exactly what they are doing!    The kids have followed suit; Roper has put together a great group of cows and is continally growing a nice herd of his own, he's raising some stand out calves that can compete with the best of them.  He is most interested in genetics, show steers and show pigs; we love watching Roper's competitive drive in the show ring & he loves bringing home those championship titles just as much.  Dally has started her own path; this is her third year competing with market goats and breeding stock.  She’s also had her share of success and is doing very well in the ring.  Dally is incredibly excited to start conformation classes with some of our aussies.    Baby J says she likes everything!  Gotta love two year olds.  

Hight point york barrow 2015 Lyle Bruns-Houx
Baby J playing in the pig barn at the missouri state fair
Dally Bruns-Houx with her supreme champion doe & champion junior showman

Our daily chores change with the season, though every day starts in the barn and ends in the barn.  Of course there is ALWAYS an aussie (or two, or three) by our side.   In January we start calving heifers, which is followed by the cow herd.  We keep a close eye on all the girls, when they start getting close, we gather them from pasture and bring them to the home farm for around the clock checks.  We don't like to lose sleep anymore than the next guy, but we believe this is the best way to catch any complications before they start.  As calving comes to an end, we enter breeding season.  Same as calving, retained heifers are bred first.  A large percentage of our herd is artificially inseminated, where we hand breed on natural heats every morning and every evening.  Countless hours are spent heat detecting and researching genetics & epd’s to ensure the perfect pairing.  Genetics is our main dinner table topic that is discussed year round (it's serious business, y'all!).  In mid May show pig season starts up.  We hit the road every weekend going from one jackpot to the next; my dad stays back to keep the home fires burning, this is not an easy job for only one person, mind you.  During the midst of show season, hay season typically starts.  A large portion of mowing, raking, baling and hauling hay is dependent upon the weather, so it’s possible to be in the fields until fall.  July is a busy time as it's full of county fairs, which is followed by the state fair in August.  October is about the time we start weaning calves.  All calves are fed for a minimum of 45 days before they go to market.  At this time retained heifers are sorted off and calfhooded, while a few feeder steers are selcted for future carcass contests and freezer beef.  Show steer prospects are also sent to their new barns and bull calves are off to the flint hills of Kansas.  November starts the hustle and bustle of feeding hay before the

cycle starts all over again.  

Is the farm life full of peaches and roses?  Not exactly, but we love it any way!

Cow at sunset
wrenching on a john deere
Steer Jock hard at work on show steer

We've raised animals literally our entire lives.  Their quality of life and health is extremely importandt to us, which is why we provide the best care & living conditions possible.  We also keep all livestock and our pets current on vaccinations & deworming, using only the best products available, no matter the cost.  


The knowledge I have gained with livestock has carried over to our toy Aussie’s.  I am their primary care giver, but all family members love them and help out.  I believe our passion of show stock has been a large influence on the type of Aussie’s we strive for.  If you want square, stocky and a good conformation, then I am your girl.  Look no further.  You want brains and intelligence to go along with that?  Check.  Oh, you want a good disposition too? Got ya covered!

dog house door kennel

I get asked quite often if ALL the dogs live in our home.  The answer to that is simple.  As much as I would love for that to happen, it’s not realistic for us.  Can you imagine what a house would look like with 3 kids and the entire dog gang?  Yeah, me neither.  We have a nice little building for all the Aussie’s.  It has heated concrete floors and AC, plus it’s decorated incredibly cute.  They’re able to go in and out as they choose.  The girls take turns coming in our home on a daily basis.  We have been blessed with a great bunch and we are able to turn anyone out for free run of the farm.  We don’t have a fenced in yard, they literally go wherever they want.  Just kidding, I’d have a panic attack if one of our babies was 300 acres away.  It’s  



 typical for them to be right by our side and If they stray too far all we have to do is call their name. 

After all, that’s the aussie way. 



  Blue merle mother daughter show pig barn
Blue merle toy aussie femail getting pampered
Blue merle toy aussie femail with two blue eyes portrait

Crystal Schulte-Houx


Check out our farm & family photos on Instagram

(link below) 

Holden, Missouri

All of our animals  are "HOME GROWN.”  They are raised under foot on our farm, and puppies are born in the house.   You know where they come from and who they came from! We put a lot of care and attention into our breeding programs & want our customers to be be happy with their purchase. That's the way we do business. 


If you have any questions, ask away.  I’m here to help anyway I can. 


Happy trails!



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