Frenchie Puppies

This site was updated on July 8th.

Please be patient as we work on building our Frenchie page!

***All puppies are homed as companion or working dogs (ex: therapy, emotional support, ect.) only, unless you are an approved show home.  Show homes must call me, and you may be asked to provide pictures and references.  No exceptions!!!***



Pink ~ Female


Blue & Tan


Tan~ Male

good photos coming soon!

Red Sable


Gray~ Male

good photos comingsoon.

Black Seal


Yellow~ Male

good photos coming soon.

Pending color test results...


Cha Cha

Check out our Cha Cha- quality, quality, quality!  She's a red sable that carries alot of fun colors!  Her structure is NICE and her personality is top knotch!  We're so happy Cha's Cha's breeder allowed her to join our family all the way from Europe. 

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