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Passed Puppies

This page is under construction.  

Please keep checking back for updates,

as I have years of pictures to sort through!



Blue merle toy aussie
Blue Eyed Black Tri Tiny Toy Aussie
Black Tri Toy Aussie
Black Tri Mini Female
Red Merle Toy Aussie
Bue Bi Merle Mini Aussie
Minimal Blue Mere Aussie
Blue Merle Mini Aussie with Sharp Copper Points
050 btf6.jpg
243 m4.jpg
Double Blue Eyed Tri Tiny Toy Aussie
135 rmm8.jpg
058 m1.jpg
046 f1.jpg
077 fb5.jpg
josie show.jpg

Blue Merle Female


Staying at MHF!

Blue Merle Female


Congrats to the Hill family of MO!

Blue Merle Male


Congrats to the Taylor family of MO!

Blue Merle Male


Congrats to Whitney from Utah!

Red Merle Female


Congrats to Jess from Iowa!!

Yellow Female


Congratulations to Jill of New York!

Red Merle Male


Congratulations to the McCoy family 

 of Jacksonville, Florida!

Blue Merle Male


Congrats to Paige of Maryland!

Blue Merle Female


Congrats to Lesley of MO!

Black Tri Female


Congrats to J&R from Wisconsin!

Red Merle Female


Congrats to the Garner family of Mississippi!

Blue Merle Male


Congrats to Justine & Bailey

of Pennsylvania!

Red Tri Male


Congratulations to Tomee

 of Missouri!

Black Tri Male


Congratulations to Krista

 of Colorado!

Reserved!  Congrats to the White family of Lenexa, KS!

Black Tri Female


Congrats to Cathy & family of Independence!

Red Tri Male


Congrats to Amanda & family of MO!

Reserved! Congrats to Justine, Bailey and Toby of Pennsylvania! 

Reserved!  Congrats Rachel and family of Lenexa, and thank you Rhonda for the referral!!

Reserved!  Congrats to Jordan & Family of Liberty!

Reserved!  Congrats to Mariana of NYC!

~Our little baby, Levi, is now being pictured and abailable!  He's a stunning blue merle male with a gorgeous full collar!

Levi is estimated to mature as a small mini

Reserved~ Congrats to the Plumbley family of Fort Worth!

~Sweet Owen is a handsome red tri male, and I also estimate him to be a small mini.  Owen is also a little snuggle bug!

Rare- 2 Blue eyes!!

Reserved for Anusha of Florida!

~Our little Princess, Adaline, is a red tri female.  She is much smaller than her brothers and is oh so precious!  Being the only girl, she gets a lot of extra attention!


Reserved- Congratulations to Nicholas of GA!

~Striking red merle male, that I am estimating to be a small mini!  Carter is currently the sleepy head of all his siblings and incredibly darling!

2 blue eyes!


Reserved for Kevin & family of Wichita!

~Sweet as sugar Red Tri Female with bright copper points.  She has two dark eyes with the perfect shape.

RESERVED~Congrats Lucia, and thank you, Rio for the referral!

~Flash factor alert!  Attention seeking Blue Merle Male.  This looker sports two bright

blue eyes.

RESERVED~Congrats to the Shafer famiy of Houston!

~Darling Black Tri Male with two stunning blue eyes!  This babe is everything I could possibly dream of.  He is my keeper, but available to the right home.


RESERVED~ This young lad will be a co-own!

~WOWZERS Blue Merle Female!  My second keeper that I am boyond proud of, she is truly a dream come true! Bi eyed, one blue and one brown.


RESERVED~ Congratulations, Laurel!

~My darling Darla. This is my keeper girl that I am just now offering due to the high volume of inquiries I have been receiving.  She is the rarest of colors, a double blue eyed black tri, and she is small!  


RESERVED~ Congratulations to Karla of Mississippi!

~Ah-MaZiNG Red Tri Female!  She is the pick of her litter.  Lucky for you, I can't keep them all!!


RESERVED~Congrats Shelby, and good luck with your upcoming wedding!

~Rich Black Tri Female with sharp copper accents.  Striking white blaze and two perfect dark almond shaped eyes.

RESERVED~Congrats, Michelle!  I am so happy she's in your home!

~Perfectly marked Blue Merle Male with a gorgeous full collar!  This little boy has bi colored eyes, one blue and one brown.

RESERVED~Congrats to the Houston family on your second Magnolia Hills baby!

~Blue Merle Male~

This lad is staying here!

~Black Tri Female~

Some of the puppies on hold will become available, once show evaluations have been completed.

Reserved~ Congrats to the Roller's of Grandview!

~Mini Blue Merle Male~

Reserved~ to a darling family in Rolla, MO!

~Black Tri Male 2~


RESERVED~ Congrats to Nick of Shawnee!

~Toy Black Tri Male~


Reserved~ Congrats to Vicki of Portland!

~Dilute Blue Merle Male~

Reserved~ Congrats to the Newton family of Paola!

~Large Toy Blue Merle Female~

Reserved~ it's a surprise for one special lady!

~Toy Black Tri Male


Reserved~ Congrats to Cathy of Chicago!

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